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Digitskools LMS


Our LMS is a software application/platform designed to facilitate the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses or training programs.
Key features and functionalities of an LMS include:
Course Management, User Management, Content Delivery, Assessment and Quizzing, Progress Tracking and Reporting, Discussion Forums and Collaboration,Mobile Compatibility,Certification and Compliance,Security and Data Privacy,Integration with Other Systems

Sentalk Soft PABX

Telephony as a Service

With the help of an IP PBX Software which is a perfect combination of robust Internet phone system and advanced technology, you can take your business communication to the next level and give it a competitive edge.
Sentalk is a powerful and feature-packed IP phone software that helps you connect and collaborate securely across your offices worldwide.

Virtual Hospital See Doctor anytime

Get in Touch with a Doctor anywhere

Our Virtual hospitals enable healthcare professionals to conduct remote consultations with patients using video conferencing, audio calls, or secure messaging platforms. This allows patients to receive medical advice, discuss symptoms, and receive prescriptions without visiting a physical healthcare facility.
Patients with chronic conditions or those recovering from surgeries can be remotely monitored using various digital health devices. These devices can measure vital signs, track medication adherence, and transmit real-time data to healthcare providers for assessment.

Virtroom Connect the world

Talk anywhere with Virtroom

Our conferencing application is software that facilitates communication and collaboration among individuals or groups through voice, video, and sometimes text. This applications is used for business meetings, virtual conferences, online classes, and personal conversations. This Conferencing applications is designed to bring people together, regardless of their physical locations, allowing them to interact in real-time..

EBIMS Electronic Billing Invoicing Management System



NCH National Council on Health

NCH National Council on Health


Glosmartbiz SME in a Box